Julia Johannsen

Yogini – Embodiment Coach – Writer

What are the senses? What is the body? What is love? These were the questions I was curious about when I was a young girl.

So I went on a journey to explore what I had no answer for. I walked from Munich back to Berlin, to the roots of my family. Travelled the world, dancing, laughing, crying, always astonished. With books in my bag and my body in my sense, as a writer, a connoisseur, a subtle observer. Touched by romantic love, the wide sky and the thorns of roses. Questioning and changing direction was as much a part of my path as arriving, everyday somewhere in my body, on a dance floor, on a yoga mat or in my writing hands.

I am a researcher of body landscapes, relationships, feelings, written words and the languages that have no-words. I love the ocean, dreaming and sleeping, coffee in the morning, the wind and the skies, walking barefoot in the forest, reading all day, enjoying all senses, philosophizing all night, and music.


  • Diploma of Social Studies – University Potsdam
  • Systemic Coaching – University Potsdam
  • Embodied Facilitator Training – Somerset, UK
  • Anusara Yoga Teacher Training – Bali
  • Prana Flow Yoga with Shiva Rea – France and India
  • Laughter Yoga Teacher Training – Cologne
  • Journalistic Education u.a. TIP Berlin, Aufbau
  • German-Jewish newspaper, Radio EINS, America Journal

Education. And abroad

  • 5Rhythms Dance
  • Kashmir Shaivism
  • The science of laughter
  • Meditation in the tradition of Thich Nath Hanh
  • Tandava Tanz with Daniel Odier
  • Yielding with Virginie Roy
  • Kalaripayyatu with Shiva Rea in Kerala
  • Longer stays in New York, Kerala and Great Britain