At the moment where your attention awakens through your sensory organs, enter the spatiality of your own heart.

Yoga Spandakarika


I attended my first yoga class in the wild year of 1999 and that’s when I knew I had arrived. On the yoga mat, my passion for movement merged with my interest in philosophy.

At that time, there were only a few yoga studios and the only way to delve deeper into the practice of yoga was to train at the yoga school where yoga was practised. That’s exactly what I wanted. But there was no way I wanted to teach yoga because I was terrified of speaking in front of groups.

My teacher encouraged me to do it anyway. So I rented a yoga room and students came to me and it quickly became a group. This motivated me to keep going and overcome my fear. I had to jump into the middle of my fear thousands of times before it became lighter and a land of gold opened up behind it. I am convinced that where there is fear, there is also our greatest potential.

For me, yoga is a meditation in the centre of life. I love the micro-practice, a simple method that has its origins in the philosophy of Kashmiri Shivaism. Immersing yourself in life with all your senses, experiencing spirituality not outside your body, but in the centre of it, in the middle of your body, in everyday life and community, connected with the rhythms and cycles of nature – that’s what it’s all about.


My Holistic Yin Yoga classes invite you to experience your whole being with all your senses and explore your body in a holistic way. You are given the space to follow your own rhythms, move smoothly and regenerate in quiet yin poses.

It’s not the weight of the stone. It’s the reason why you lift it.

Hugo Girard