Let me fill your heart with joy and laughterTogetherness, well it's all I'm after


Is there a connection between a laughter fit and an orgasm?, I was asked by one participant. Yes! Orgasms and laughter fits are very healthy, both reduce stress, strengthen vitality, enhance sleep and increase creativity. On a deeper level we learn to let go and devote ourselves to the vibrating, wonderful, ecstatic and flowing life energy!

What is Systemic Laughter?

Systemic Laughter® is a laughter coaching, a micro-practice, a method, to laugh yourself out of rigid systems into new creative systems. Through laughter we take a healthy step from our seriousness, whilst taking the laughter very seriously.

Systemic Laughter is based on the laughter that unties a stuck mind, melts the rigidity in the body and strengthens the connection with other people. It is the deep laughter, the real laughter, the wild laughter, the laughter that is born in the belly and moves up into the heart, the laughter that shakes out the control to become one with aliveness. In the source of this sensual pulsation all emotions are home, laughter and tears are sisters. They free the frozen blocks in the body, transform them into sweat and water, so they can flow through the body into the world of possibilities.

Systemic Laughter creates bonding and connection to other people. It is an expedition, where we meet ourselves and others in the language of laughter. We strengthen our openness to laugh and our humour – the ability and willingness to react to things cheerfully and serenely with serenity. The more we learn to play with laughter, the easier we can laugh and have natural laughter fits, out of the belly and into the heart.

The methods of Systemic Laughter offer you simple laughter micro-practices for everyday life and professional work. Together with my colleague Julia von Randow, in 2018 I created the Institute of System Laughter® in Berlin, offering workshops for groups and social companies.


At the EmbodimentConference 2020 – Laugh yourself smart: Understanding and using laughter for happiness, creative thinking and bonding

The patient should be instructed not just to accept his fear, but also to laugh at it. This requires the courage to be ridiculous.

Viktor Frankl