Let me fill your heart with joy and laughterTogetherness, well it's all I'm after


If you laugh a lot, you feel more optimistic, more alive and more relaxed. Laughter moves us radical into the body and into the present moment. On a deeper level laughter helps us to activate the creative mind, to bond with other people and to let go and surrender into the flow of life.

Babies start to laugh, when they are between six and eight weeks old. Laughter is our first language and scientists found out, that evolutionary the laughter probably started through play. Laugher is essentiell for the development of bonding and it also has the sense to protect us from our enemies.

There is something like a laughter chemistry between people – a laughter spark. If you once had a laughter fit together with somebody, you will always remember this moment and feel a stronger bonding with this person.

What is Systemic Laughter?

Systemic Laughter® is a laughter coaching, a micro-practice, a method, to laugh yourself out of rigid systems into new creative systems. Through laughter we take a healthy step from our seriousness, whilst taking the laughter very seriously.

Systemic Laughter is based on the laughter that unties a stuck mind, melts the rigidity in the body and strengthens the connection with other people. It is the deep laughter, the healing laughter, that is born in the belly and moves up into the heart, the laughter that shakes out the control to become one with aliveness.

Systemic Laughter creates bonding and helps us, to step into a healthy distance when we are stuck in our mind. We increase the openness to laugh and our humor – the ability and willingness to react to things cheerfully and serenely. The more we learn to play with our laughter, the easier we can laugh.

The methods of Systemic Laughter offer you simple laughter micro-practices for everyday life and professional work. Together with my colleague Julia von Randow, in 2018 I created the Institute of System Laughter® in Berlin, offering workshops for groups and social companies.


At the EmbodimentConference 2020 – Laugh yourself smart: Understanding and using laughter for happiness, creative thinking and bonding

The patient should be instructed not just to accept his fear, but also to laugh at it. This requires the courage to be ridiculous.

Viktor Frankl