1:1 Walk & Coach

Walking sets your thoughts in motion. The cyclical rhythm of walking opens the mind and releases physical tension. On a walk, we explore your coaching topic in a holistic way. As an embodiment coach, I incorporate the language of the body, the senses and the elements of nature into the process. You will receive lots of inspiration and practical exercises that you can take with you into your everyday life.

The coaching walks take place from March to November in the parks and forests around Berlin. One hour of 60 minutes costs 80 euros.

Arrange a free online appointment (20 minutes). Together we will find the direction for the coaching: julia.johannsen@gmail.com / +49.177.5884648

Coaching for groups

I love working with groups and the space that is created when people get moving together.

As a trained social worker and systemic coach, I am specialized to work with people in social professions to support them to bring more joy, lightness and serenity into their everyday working lives. Among other things, I integrate systemic laughter into my work, a fantastic extra resource both for my own self-care and for working with clients.

I have been giving workshops at congresses, social organisations and at the VHS Berlin for many years, e.g. “Office yoga”, “Relaxation through meditation and play”, “Finding your own strength” or “Come into your joy and lightness”.

Would you like to book a workshop or course (in person or online)? I am happy to provide you an individual offer: julia.johannsen@gmail.com / +49.177.5884648

Women’s Circle

I have been interested in what femininity is all my life. I researched my female cycle, categorised my physical and emotional sensations and wrote them down day by day. Over many years I learnt to understand my cycle and the interplay of hormones more deeply.

Everything that happens in nature, the seasons and storms, the suns and moons, all this is reflected on a microcosmic level in the female body. The whole fullness of uncontrollable, wild and magical being. And of course this continues when menopause arrives, only on a more universal level.

The women’s circles are a place for being, connecting with ourselves and being together with other women. Together we explore our femininity in the rhythm of the seasons, cycles of the year and moon cycles. No matter what phase we are currently in – in the midst of fertility, in the menopause or after the menopause – the cycles of nature connect us with our feminine power.

The women’s circles take place both in person and online: all events

My methods

I work in a holistic way with different techniques:

  • Embodiment
  • Yoga, dance & meditation
  • Systemic Coaching
  • Systemic Laughter
  • Micro-practices
Coaching topics

You can bring any topic, these topics are particularly suitable for my coaching:

  • Body and Being — Investigate the connection between body, heart and mind
  • Strength and self-confidence — Coming into your own strength and embodying it in the world
  • Lightness and joy — Bring the body into movement and nourish the source of inner joy
  • Femininity and annual cycles — Connecting with your inner cycles in connection to nature
  • Change and transformation — Recognizing the menopause and change as a space for transformation
  • Alone and all-one — Move from loneliness into all-one-ness

After a dance, a lovely embrace or a fit of laughter we feel changed, probably more open and alive. We breathe in a different way, we think differently, we feel different.

Thoughts and emotions influence the body and the breath, but also vice versa. If we change the form of the body and bring the body into movement, it touches the mind. Just to bring more awareness to the body might change the system of the heart and mind.

To know about this possibility and use it as a potential, this is embodiment.

Systemic Coaching

The word systemic means that everything is connected to everything and we are all part of different systems: relationship systems, work or cultural systems. Body, mind and heart are also one interconnected system, which is influenced by the rhythms of nature, the surroundings and other people. In the process of Systemic Coaching, rather than focus on problems, we work with potentials and resources that already exist within yourself and your life. Grounded in the present moment we let the body move into real life, into the solution.

Systemic Laugher

Systemic Laughter® has a healing effect on the body-heart-mind system and a bonding effect on relationships. It is a laughter coaching and a method, to laugh yourself out of rigid systems into new creative systems. We take the laughter very serious.


Micro-practices are short exercises which can be easily integrated into daily life. They just take a few minutes and we spread them out into everyday life. There is a wide range of micro-practices.

If you don't heal what hurt you, you'll bleed on people who didn't cut you.