Embodiment Coaching

The coaching provides a space to feel, to sense and to be. In the process of coaching we listen beyond words, thoughts and feelings. We explore the language of the body, the interconnected being of body, heart and mind in connection with the theme of the session.

What we do

The coaching session is a journey to yourself. It inspire openness and leads to self-responsibility. I give you impulses to help you discover your key issues with your body, mind and heart. After every coaching session you receive down to earth micro-practices that are easy to integrate in your daily life.

I work with different techniques:

  • Embodiment
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Systemic Coaching
  • Systemic Laughter
  • Micro-practices
  • Deep listening
  • Dance
Coaching Areas

You can come with any issue, query, or subject for investigation. The following are my specialist developmental areas:

  • Love and self-love — Become your own best friend
  • Laughter and crying — Open the source of aliveness
  • Surrender and flow — Connect with your female cycles
  • Playfulness and joy — Lighten up and nourish your inner joy
  • Sense wise — Finding sense through your senses
  • Power and self confidence — Come into your own power and show yourself to the world
  • Alone and all-one — Move from loneliness into all-one-ness

You know this feeling: after a dance, an embrace or a fit of laughter you feel changed, probably more open and alive. You breathe in a different way, you think differently, you feel different. Thoughts and emotions influence the body and the breath, but also vice versa. If we change the form of the body and bring the body into movement, it touches the mind. Just to bring more awareness to the body might change the system of the heart and mind. To know about this possibility and use it as a potential, this is embodiment.

Systemic Coaching

The word systemic means that everything is connected to everything and we are all part of different systems: relationship systems, work or cultural systems. Body, mind and heart are also one interconnected system, which is influenced by the rhythms of nature, the surroundings and other people. In the process of Systemic Coaching, rather than focus on problems, we work with potentials and resources that already exist within yourself and your life. Grounded in the present moment we let the body move into real life, into the solution.

Systemic Laugher

Systemic Laughter® has a healing effect on the body-heart-mind system and a bonding effect on relationships. It is a laughter coaching, a micro-practice, a method, to laugh yourself out of rigid systems into new creative systems. Through laughter the system of the hormones and the body changes and we create a healthy distance from our rigid seriousness. We take the laughter very serious.


Micro-practices are short exercises which can be easily integrated into daily life. They just take a few minutes and we spread them out into everyday life. If we do this regularly, this can have a deep effect.

Deep Listening

Deep Listening is a path of awareness and inner listening. Everything that is present, or shows up, has space to be and to speak. We don’t want to get rid of feelings, problems or obstacles, but to integrate them and respect them like a messenger. Thus we learn to understand their language and to sense their wisdom. Loving acceptance creates the base and the space for emotions and issues to transform.


I offer coaching sessions in my coaching studio, my Zoom lounge or outside (walk & coach).

Book a first free session (20 Min.) where we explore the best coaching setting for your goals and wishes.

I offer packages of 60 Minutes. You don’t need to know beforehand how many hours you wish to book. Sometimes one hour is enough, but often we need more time. The hours can be flexible, spread out over a few weeks or months.

More infos & booking: Email me: julia.johannsen@gmail.com

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