sensewise is the fusionof three elements:  senses 
the senses

are like a bridge between you and the world.
They lead you right in your body and open the space of wisdom.

sensewise – wisdom is a sensual experience. It grows like a flower through daily practice. If we practice something daily, we will embody it. This is true for learning a craft or the arts. It happens also when we water the seeds of sensual awareness.

If we connect to our senses, we feel joy. Often we think we should change our lives in order to find joy. But we don’t have to change anything, we just not need to see what is already there.


I am Embodiment Coach, Yoga Teacher and Writer. I help you to bring more joy, playfulness and aliveness into your life.

In my work I integrate elements of Yoga, dance, embodiment, yielding, meditation and mindfulness and micro-practices.

My courses, words, mini-retreats, individual sessions and  podcasts invite you to investigate the sensual motion of movement, the joy of playfulness, the circles of nature, the language of laughter and the art of being you.


Laughter, Sensuality and Devotion in Yoga – I am guest in the Embodiment Podcast

EMBODIMENT CONFERENCE 2020 – My workshop LAUGH YOURSELF SMART: Understanding and using laughter for happiness, creative thinking and bonding