Would you like to explore your inner sources of strength, discover the spaces of joy and feel more alive and lighter? But you are stuck in thought patterns, feel blocked, too shy or powerless…

In this 8-week online autumn course, we will focus on the qualities of joy and lightness and explore the playful, lively and light in us.

Each woman can bring a specific topic that she would like to connect with these qualities in practice. This could be, for example: The chaos of menopause, the search for a new job or a lack of self-confidence. Any topic is welcome.

Inner joy comes from the source of the aliveness of our sensual body. We experience it in the present moment, independent of external things. It can also be there in the midst of the chaos of life and alongside all other feelings. It integrates everything that is present.

We can experience lightness when we have a good connection to our body, know our inner cycles and tune into the flow of life. And when we do things in an organic way instead of wanting something with our heads and making too much effort. “The easy is right. Start right and it is easy” (Dschuang-Tsu).

Elements from dance, yoga and embodiment, creative games, laughter and journaling support us on our journey. You will receive lots of impulses and micro-practices and creative inspiration through the power of community. Definitely we will experience joy together in these 8 weeks.

The course is open to women of all ages. Bring curiosity and a clear decision to expand joy and lightness in your life.

We are a small group of min. 4, max. 10 women.

What it is:

  • Get to know your body as a source of inner strength, vitality and joy
  • Trust the impulses of your body
  • Step into your light
  • Discover the joy of play within you
  • Bring more creativity into your everyday life
  • Explore the cycles of your inner joy in connection with the seasons
  • Draw strength in a circle of women
  • You will receive many tangible and practical exercises for everyday life

Dates and place

16. September – 4. November
8 Zoom Sessions
Every Monday
8.30 – 9.30 pm CET
every Wednesday
18 – 19 pm CET

Between the Zoom meetings: Sharing through a group on WhatsApp / Signal / Telegramm

180  / 160 / 140 Euro
Early Bird: book until 31. July – 25 % discount

Depending on your income chose your price and book your place: with paypal, or reserve your spot: julia.johannsen@gmail.com