Dive into the sweetness of darkness in a sacred circle of women.

In December we experience the darkest nights of the year and the highest point of winter solstice. Between December 21. and December 24. the light stands still, then the Dream Nights – Raunächte – begin. This is also the beginning of the increasing light, which will change again with summer solstice.

With roots in Celtic and Germanic traditions, these nights used to be a time to stop work, do rituals and listen to dreams. This time is excellent to reflect, letting go, surrender and connect yourself with your inner visions, your wisdom and intuition. In a circle of woman we celebrate the magical time between the years and the art of being.

What you receive:

  • 12 daily impulses, rituals and micro-practices
  • 2 interactive Zoom sessions with rituals, dance and meditation
  • 2 special rituals: The New Year´s Voodo and 13 Wishes
  • Creative inspirations to connect with your visions, you inner wisdom and intuition
  • Guidance to explore your dreams and to open your senses for nature & magic
  • Wisdom about the 12 Dream Nights
  • Impulses for your vision board 2024
  • The power of a female circle

12 impulses
Daily you will get micro-practices, impulses and rituals – in form of mini-audios, videos or words – short, juicy and playful.

You can take as much time as you like and do it in your own pace and rhythm, day or night.

Termine und Ort
25.12.2023 – 6.1.2024
In your home & two times in the ZOOM lounge

ZOOM Sessions  
27.12. & 3.1.
7 – 8.30 pm CET

If you can´t join live, there will be a recording

80 / 70 / 60 Euro
2-friends: 100 Euro
If you want to join, but your income is small, write me and we find a solution: julia.johannsen@gmail.com
Signal / Telegram / WhatsApp: 0177.5884648

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