In this Mini-Retreat we connect with laughter and inner joy to bring the qualities, of lightness, playfulness and connection into everyday life.

We bring the body into movement and open the space to connect with inner joy through the body. For sure we also celebrate the laughter meditation.

What your receive:

  • Micro-movement & micro-practices to bring more lightness, joy and playfulness into your everyday life
  • Impulses for playfulness and creative movement
  • The space to investigate the language of laughter inside of you and with others
  • The power of a laughter circle
  • Laughter meditations

19 April – 10. Mai
Four online sessions
12 – 12.45 pm CET

Price for 4 sessions: 
40 / 30 / 20 Euro

Book until 17.4.:
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“laughter circle”: