My Holistic Yin classes invite you to experience your whole being with all your senses and explore your body in a holistic way. You are given the space to follow your own rhythms, move smoothly and regenerate in quiet yin poses.

For me, yoga is a meditation in the centre of life. It means listening to my inner cycles and feeling what I need in this moment. To touch my being with all my senses. Moving fluidly on my yoga mat, dancing, laughing, drinking tea, walking through the forest or writing.

I love the micro-practice in the middle of life. Micro-practice is a simple method that connects us to the present moment. It comes from the philosophy of Kashmiri Shivaism, with which I am deeply connected. It is about immersing yourself in life with all your senses and experiencing spirituality not outside your body, but in the centre of it, in the middle of your body and everyday life, in sensuality and in community, connected to nature and the cycles of the year.

Place & Time

Yogatribe. Neue Schönhauser Str. 16. Berlin Mitte. And on Zoom. Every Tuesday, 8.30 – 9.30 pm CET