I offer online mini-retreats in connection with the seasons, the months of the year and cycles of the moon. Each month stands for a certain quality.

The annual cycles and seasons are anchors in the chaos of life. They connect us to our cyclical being, which is deeply anchored in our feminine bodies.

Women’s Circle 

Dance through April

In a circle of women we explore the qualities of April, which symbolizes the power of beginning, feminine creativity and playfulness.

What you get: 

  • 6 mini-podcasts
  • 3 Zoom sessions with dance meditation
  • Wisdom about the month of April and the moon cycles
  • Creative journaling for your blossoming
  • Contemplations about beginnings
  • Impulses to connect with your feminine creativity and playfulness
  • The power of a women’s circle

Place & time 
08. –  22. April 2024
at your home

Zoom Sessions
with dance meditation
Monday, 08., 15. + 22. April
20.30 – 21.30 pm CET

If you can´t join live you will receive a mini-video

80 / 70 / 60 Euro
depending on your income you can chose one of the three options
2-friends: 110 Euro

Book your place “Spring“:
or reserve by Email: julia.johannsen@gmail.com Signal / Telegram / WhatsApp: 0177.5884648